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Home Sizzling Network

Sure, you probably knew that Hawaiians love SPAM and you may have even seen some people wearing SPAM t-shirts. But I bet you didn’t know that ⅓ of all Americans have an actual can of SPAM in their pantries. That’s A LOT of SPAM. Our challenge was to move all those forgotten cans from pantries to pans and into the mouths of SPAM lovers across the country. This work was built on two insights: 1) Our fans go crazy for SPAM swag and 2) when we show SPAM sizzling, they go even crazier. So, we produced our own home shopping channel-inspired show, The Home Sizzling Network, as a Facebook Live event. Not only did we remind people that they had SPAM, but we turned their sizzle into currency. To win SPAM swag, all they had to do was post a picture on social.

And guess what. It worked. Sales are higher than ever. We've received 1,000’s of images and videos of sizzling SPAM, proving that it’s moving from pantries to pans all over the U.S.

CD: Noel Haan

ACDs: Dave Alm & Mauro Borges

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