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Belize is a place with a lot of stories left to tell. Who better to tell these stories than travelers themselves? So we found real people. Not influencers. And we hoofed it all over Belize with them for 10 days, showing the wide variety of things to do and see in this Curious Place, encouraging other travelers to Find More Stories.


The Belize traveler isn’t tempted by beautiful b-roll of beaches and overly-posed #vacationgoals pics. They’re drawn in by adventure, binge-worthy Instagram stories from friends and the promise of coming back with some pretty wild tales themselves. Evolving A Curious Place campaign, we recruited 4 travelers to help tell the story of Belize by telling their own.

Take a peek at:

  • 1 Anthem spot

  • 3 Traveler Stories

  • 1 "Skippable Skipping"

  • 2 :06

CD: Andy Masur
AD: Michael Simon
Director: Christian Sorensen-Hansen

Edit: Cody Brown

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