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Hi, I’m Elizabeth. I'm the self-proclaimed Queen of Puns, dog mom to Ernest Hemingwag (not pictured. that's someone else's dog 🤷🏼‍♀️) and have an amazing success rate writing friends’ dating bios. Ask me about Pizza Club, traveling to Africa, running half marathons or how to recover from moped accidents (yes, two) in Mexico. OH! And that time I sang on a track with Lizzo.



To me, it's always been ideas first, execution second. If you have a KILLER idea, you can make it work anywhere. But mostly, I love when the work impacts the culture around us and when culture impacts the work, outside of the advertising vacuum. And laughing. I love laughing. So if work does that, too? All the thumbs up.


I’ve been lucky enough to work on some amazing brands including Belize Tourism, BISSELL,, MillerLite, Kraft-Heinz, Serta, Boomchickapop, Pure Barre, Hormel Foods, 3M, Andersen Windows, L’Oreal USA and internationally on Snickers, ExxonMobil, Mercedes-Benz, Bayer, Off! and Lay’s.


P.s. a special welcome to those who missed the “m” key in the URL and ended up here instead of elizabethburns.COM. Different Elizabeth Burns. I PROMISE.

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