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Find the Bites

SKIPPY is made from only the funnest peanuts around. So naturally, SKIPPY content had to be the funnest around as well. So when people were having a hard time finding new PB Bites, we came up with a fun solution.


Three things stood out to us: 1) games performed well with this audience 2) PB Bites have a cult following and 3) SKIPPY fans are more glued to their phones than the average human. So we partnered with Illustrator David Schwen to create 360 worlds for Facebook mobile. Find the bites in the game for a chance to win real PB Bites, all while being driven to the product locator to buy even more. And look how cute they are! Win-win.

CD: Noel Haan

AD: Allison Brink

Illustrator: David Schwen

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