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Black Label Bacon

Black Label Bacon is bacon to the core. So am I. So writing for this brand was a natural fit.


We were the first brand to create a bacon-powered motorcycle. We were the first brand to put on a bacon strip show...on the strip in Vegas. We were the first brand to make low-sodium bacon with sea salt. We were the first brand to smoke with real cherrywood. You get the picture. We’re always pushing bacon forward. So naturally, our digital tactics had to as well.


My role was primarily making the “We’re Always the New Black” campaign come to life on digital. From live-streaming the strip show, to helping write scripts with our content partners to creating the highest performing social content the brand has ever seen, to VR bacon buying experiences, we dove deep into the digital bacon pool. Everything was bacon-forward, and everything was delicious.

CD: Noel Haan

ACDs: David Mackereth & Allison Brink

AD: Shannon Murphy

Partner Content: Epic Meal Time

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