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Inspire Sleep "Tattoo"

We all put off doing things. Even things that are good for us or that would, I don't our marriage. Like removing the tattoo of your first wife's name. Inspire is an implanted device and an alternative to the clunky and very unsexy CPAP machine. And rather than stay in the overly sterile world of medical devices that shows happy, smiling people overcoming sleep apnea, we decided it was better to talk about something that is actually pretty serious with humor, relatability and empathy. Because, you know, we're all people. And people like to laugh.


This may or may not have been ~inspired~ by a true story. On a completely unrelated note, if there are any single men named Brad, hit up my contact page.


The Drum: US Ad of the Day

LBB Online

ECD: Paula Maki

ACD: Stephanie Larson

Director: Nalle Sjöblad

Production: Spark & Riot

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