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Make the Switch

People know turkey is better for them than beef. But can America's favorites taste just as great made with turkey? Yep. And we hit the road to prove it. We went to L.A., Miami, Denver, Seattle and NYC to make each city's favorite dish, but with turkey. And guess what. The people went NUTS for it. I've never seen meatballs disappear so fast. Even Naked Cowboy in Times Square came back for seconds.

We created a tasting booth to capture people's first tastes of these turkey dishes and projected them as a gif onto a giant digital board in each city as well as on one of the largest digital boards in Times Square. User generated content and easy recipes drove engagement across platforms and kept the conversation going long after all the meatballs were gone.

CD: Tim Brunelle

ACD: Tess Nyberg

AD: Diana Albrecht

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