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Some work just doesn't need it's own page, ya know? Sometimes it's a t-shirt you made or a meme that went viral or some random social work and dammit, I just don't know where to put it. So, here you go.


When a global pandemic hit, and things felt kind of (read REALLY) crummy, so many of us turned to our pets to brighten our days. In this social video for Bissell, we sourced UGC and some of our own pet footage to help #SharePawsitivity and encouraged others to do the same. And with each use of the #, we helped save even more homeless pets. It's ok to cry.

Meme Making Machine

So when COVID first hit, my AD partner and I had a little extra time on our hands. Everyone's favorite [date + movie quote] combo was coming up, so I had the idea to give it a quarantine twist. Not for a brand. Just a meme we DM'd to a few accounts that went "viral". A handful of the accounts posted it. That's all.

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 4.32.41 PM.png
Tapir Tee

Belize is a curious country with an even more curious national animal. To celebrate this magnificent animal with zero budget, we partnered with t-shirt company, Cotton Bureau, to create this tee and raise money for National Tapir Day. With one day promoted on social, we raised more money for the tapir habitat at The Belize Zoo than the previous year’s entire campaign.


Who doesn't love a good tapir pun?!

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