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BBDO Mexico

So BBDO does this amazing thing. Participating offices choose an employee to send on a 3 month exchange to soak in another culture and do some international work. Basically study abroad for adults. Awesome, right? Guess who was lucky enough to be one of the 16 people chosen from a network of 15,000 to participate? Yep, yours truly. And even luckier to spend Summer of ‘17 in Mexico City, the world’s best kept secret. The creativity in this place is overwhelming, in a good way. Not to mention it’s filled with some of the world’s most amazing people. Also, tacos. They are NOT messing around.

You may be thinking, "geez, being a copywriter in a language you don't speak must be hard!" and yes, you'd be right. It was! But that was part of the fun. Cue the collective eye roll from my Mexican coworkers aka translators. I now know lots of Spanish phrases, none of which were helpful in any real way. But hey, it made for fun/interesting/confusing interactions out of the office. From TV production to digital activations to experiential, here are some of the brands I touched during my time at BBDO Mexico: Mercedes-Benz, Exxon Mobil, 7UP, Quaker, Lay’s, OFF!, Epura (with Ricky Martin & Thalia!) and Snickers.

Below is some proof that I was there. I promise I did actually work. But photos of Lucha Libre, me attempting to play soccer with my coworkers and my presidential parting gift are obviously much more fun than the inside of an office. Want to know more? Shoot me a note. I will talk to anyone who will listen about Mexico.

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Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.16.14 PM
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