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Already Ready

Pre-cut meat and cheese trays attract a certain crowd. A fun crowd. They’d rather spend more time taste-testing the wine than crafting the perfect charcuterie tray. And sometimes you just want to binge on some meat and cheese during a Netflix sesh. Same. That’s where Gatherings comes in. It’s Already Ready.


So to bring this brand to life, we created headline-driven creative (a copywriter’s dream!) that actually reflected the attitude and behavior of our consumers towards entertaining, snacking and being a human with taste buds. Not only is the work fun, it delivered some pretty cool results all on a relatively small budget.


Milward Brown reported that this particular body of work was one of the most effective digital and social campaigns it’s seen to date. WHOA! So raise a meat and cheese stack to the small brand that packs a big, pre-cut punch.

CD: Dawn Yemma

ACDs: Allison Brink & Tess Nyberg

AD: Shannon Murphy & Diana Albrecht

Illustrator: David Schwen

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