ICONpet + CrossWave Product Launch

BISSELL is all about pets. With the BISSELL Pet Foundation and all their products designed for pet homes, but "pet" is what differentiates BISSELL from all the competition. Sure, competitors make products that are tough on pet hair, but their whole mission is to get a pet in every home. This territory (internally dubbed "Silicon Waggy") was all about showing how pets and BISSELL go hand in hand. And it's true. While their R&D rooms may look a little different IRL, pets are actually allowed at BISSELL HQ. They even have little doggy drinking fountains next to the human ones. How cute.

So we took the notion of pet + innovation and brought it to life right at BISSELL with a mix of talent and real employees.

CD: Nina Orezzoli
Director: Jonathon Nowak

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